San Anselmo

Kientz Hall

Rooftop restaurant that celebrates Mediterranean and Classic Americana flavors, plus the craft of live fire cooking.

Known for their:
Rotisserie Chicken
Fire-roasted Eggplant
Craft Beer & Wine
Food type:
Drinks available:
Wine. Beer. Cider

Open Daily: 5pm - 9pm

Outdoor seating available:

The Rundown

Welcome to Kientz Hall! We are locals who cherish our community and the lifestyle in Marin. Our flavors are fresh and bold, drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean to Classic Americana. Our cooking is familiar, fun and approachable for the whole family. Our hospitality embraces and celebrates our community. Come as you are—for every occasion…or no occasion at all. We invite to dine and relax in our sun-filled atrium or on our roof deck.

We serve on a first come, first served basis - no reservations. Please order at the counter first, then take a seat wherever you like. We’ll bring everything to you. Use the QR code on your number flag to order additional items.

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