Barfly Podcast: Heidi Krahling (Insalata's)

We chat with celebrated chef/restaurateur Heidi Krahling, owner of Insalata's and the leader of ExtraFoods Souper Food Kitchen.

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Jeff Burkhart and I chat with the celebrated chef/restaurateur about her illustrious career and philanthropic contributions to the community, including ExtraFood's Souper Food Kitchen.

Heidi Krahling became a chef during California’s culinary coming of age in the 1980s. She and her husband, Mark Krahling, opened Insalata’s in 1996 and both have worked hard to make it a central part of the San Anselmo community. Today, Heidi is the mama-in-residence, guiding her culinary team while Mark ensures that the restaurant’s myriad components run smoothly. Their goal has always been to provide gracious service and delicious Mediterranean-inspired food to their guests while taking care of their teams of chefs and servers.

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