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Guy Friends

Jaime is pursued by a lot of her guy friends after her boyfriend breaks up with her. A fun rom-com.


The Rundown

Event Start Date:
May 31, 2024
Takes Place:
May 31 - June 13
Event End Date:
June 13, 2024
Start Time:
02:00 pm
End Time:
08:00 pm
Is the event free?
Event Price:
$14.99 - $19.99. Tuesdays: $5
Reservations Required:
40 Main St.

Guy Friends is a new romantic comedy directed by Jonathan Smith. 

Plot: Jaime Sharma is a self-described "guy's girl" who lives in an upscale Manhattan apartment with her lawyer boyfriend and who works as an assistant to a famous architect. All her life, she's only been friends with men. After Jaime and her boyfriend break up, all of her guy friends profess their secret, undying love for her. Jaime turns to Ted, her best friend from college who just moved to the city, for his typical, gentle advice. Instead, she's challenged by advice from Ted's brash girlfriend Sandy, who, for the first time in Jaime's life, tests Jaime's views about male friendship and about herself.

Starring: Kavita Jariwala, Katie Muldowney, Justin Clark, Patrick Collins, Jonathan Smith, Michael Dahlgren. 

(Color/Black-and-white, 2024, USA, 84 minutes, not rated) 

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