Little Gems at San Geronimo Valley Community Center

A harmonious fusion of talent and friendship featuring three female vocalists.

San Geronimo

The Rundown

Event Start Date:
April 28, 2024
Takes Place:
Event End Date:
April 28, 2024
Start Time:
04:00 pm
End Time:
07:00 pm
Is the event free?
Event Price:
$10 - $20
Reservations Required:
6350 SIr Francis Drake Blvd.
San Geronimo

Introducing Little Gems, a harmonious fusion of talent and friendship. Comprising three remarkable female vocalists whose exquisite harmonies and original songwriting blend seamlessly with the band: a phenomenal guitarist whose compositions add depth and flair, alongside a captivating keyboardist and rock-solid drummer. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of folk, indie rock, classical guitar, alternative, and singer-songwriter influences, Little Gems creates a captivating soundscape that transcends genres. With their second album in the works, this band's bond, honed over decades of friendship, infuses every note with a rare authenticity and emotional resonance. Virgil Shaw and Stella Smoot open the show.

  • JT John (Starling Six, Chris Peck): drums, pedal plastic
  • Kelly Atkins (Kitka, 20 Minute Loop): vocals, lithuanian backflips
  • Kevin Seal (Seal Party, Griddle): keyboard, contrabass piccolo
  • Liz Pisco (The Dolly Mamas, Susan Z) vocals, hungarian elbow chimes
  • Matt Palmer (Shoplifters United, The Dolly Mamas): guitar, slivers of welsh lamb livers
  • Rebecca Chourré (The Dolly Mamas, North Shore Railroad) vocals, smelling salts

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