San Rafael

Le Chalet Basque

Delicious cuisine inspired by the Basque Region of France and Spain.

Known for their:
French Onion Soup
Braised Lamb Shank
Frog Legs
Food type:
Drinks available:
Cocktails. Wine. Beer

Wed - Sun: 4pm - 8pm

Outdoor seating available:

The Rundown

The Chalet Basque restaurant is a family style restaurant serving dishes inspired by the Basque regions of France and Spain.

In keeping with traditional Basque culture, our restaurant has an old school, comfy feel. We serve hearty Basque dishes and make a different fresh soup each day. Dishes such as escargot, frog legs and rack of lamb keep us anchored to our deep Basque and French roots. While our vegetarian plate, and similar dishes, show our influence by Northern California.

Join us for a romantic first date, a night out with the guys, a relaxing end to a stressful day at work or a wedding rehearsal and everything in between. Our restaurant is also available for Banquets and parties upon reservation.

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