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The Heart Stays

A coming of age story about a Native American girl who must choose between personal achievement and the responsibilities of the old ways.


The Rundown

Event Start Date:
March 22, 2024
Takes Place:
Event End Date:
April 4, 2024
Start Time:
02:00 pm
End Time:
07:00 pm
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40 Main St.

The Heart Stays tells the story of two Native American sisters who leave the traditions and safety of the reservation to follow their own long held dreams-the older one to attend a distinguished college and the younger to become a rock star. Soon after leaving their beloved land and community their life journeys collide into racism, drugs, and violence forcing the older teen to choose between her own life's work and saving her sister's life.

Written and directed by Diane Fraher. Produced by Fraher, and Gary Sharfin. From Indican Pictures. (Color, 2024, USA, not rated) Starring Nathalie Standingcloud, Sierra Kihega, Jon Proudstar, Delanna Studi, Irene Bedard, Casey Camp-Horinek. 

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