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Kati Giannini

I’m making my way through every restaurant in Marin and San Francisco. Join me please?

My Background:
Foodie, tennis, global travel, fun, fun and more fun. And I play golf, softball, and will try anything once.
Mill Valley
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Kati Giannini


Marin Recommendations

Piazza D'Angelo

Piazza D’Angelo's is where I get my big bowl of "Popeye" food - a side of their spinach is delish! My runner-up is their Veal Scallopini - it’s a great dish. Eddie the bartender makes me the best martini ever!

Lighthouse Bar & Grill

My every day spot. The menu is very good, and they allow me to customize most everything. Ask about the specials on the weekend. My fave from the brunch menu is their bacon & Avocado Omelette. On the dinner menu, I really like the Filet Mignon, and the Petrale is also very good.

Gravity Tavern

They have an amazing Chef who isn’t afraid to try new things. They made this Panzanella which comes with fresh veggies, cheese and other fun stuff inside. The Coq au Vin is also very good.

Marin Joe's

My favorite go to spot. Excellent steak, seafood, and the best ravioli on earth!

Il Fornaio

A wonderful place to have lunch or dinner. They make great soups and have incredible service. My faves are the Filleto di Bue (Beef tenderloin grilled rare, with balsamic vinegar & green peppercorn sauce; served with sautéed seasonal vegetables & roasted Yukon Gold potatoes), and the Petto di Pollo al Peperoncino (Grilled free-range chicken breast marinated with herbs, Trebbiano wine, Dijon mustard & lemon; served with spicy peperoncino sauce, sautéed seasonal vegetables & roasted Yukon Gold potatoes). Great food, friendly staff, good wine. It’s a nice place to just sit at the bar.

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